If you are a new parent, you may be aware of the increasing popularity of early learning centres for toddlers. In years past, young children would be enrolled in daycare or parents would enlist nanny services to make sure that their kids were getting the appropriate childcare. Early learning centres differ from these forms of childcare, as these facilities make a priority of incorporating pedagogical approaches to caring for kids, which in turn offers a host of benefits to the children. If you have been looking into childcare for your toddler, here are reasons why an early learning centre would be an excellent choice.

An early learning centre provides your child with a math and literacy head start

The primary objective of early learning centres is to impart knowledge to children. This approach is vastly different from daycare or having a dedicated nanny to care for your child, as these types of childcare are more focused on ensuring that there is a minder present to keep watch over your child. In an early learning centre, all the activities that the children take part in are geared toward giving them a jumpstart in both mathematics and literacy. Thus, you will find they are exposed to a host of activities that require them to think, such as matching, sorting, counting and so on.

An early learning centre promotes the development of your child's social skills

A second reason why you should contemplate enrolling your offspring in an early learning centre is to help them cultivate their social skills. Having a nanny may give you peace of mind that there is a childminder in your home, but more often than not this may mean your child is not interacting with their peers. At an early learning centre, the educators are trained to try to guide the children to learn how to play and work well together. Therefore, whether the kid is an only child or has multiple siblings, they get an opportunity to create peer bonds, which can go a long way in helping them navigate the outside world as they grow up. Some of the personal virtues that are instilled in kids at an early learning centre include learning how to share, taking the time to listen, imparting kindness and exhibiting compassion. By the time the child is joining preschool, they will have a higher level of emotional maturity than they did before they were enrolled at the early learning centre.