Safe driving is an important practice that is emphasized throughout Australian roads. In order for new drivers to have the proper skills engrained in them, they need to be trained by quality instructors. These instructors should take the time to work with new drivers and to inform them of all current road regulations as well as strategies for maintaining safety while on the road.

Driving schools play an important role in this regard and in producing new drivers who are adequately trained and prepared to operate vehicles safely. If you or a loved one is looking for a good driving school to attend, pay attention to the following factors.

Practical driving instructions

Driving is a practical process that requires a lot of rehearsal. Therefore, quality driving schools ensure that they give you enough practice time to boost your confidence and driving ability while on the road. Each driving lesson should have enough hours for you to train on the road with an instructor beside you.

If you're new to driving, it is often recommended that you spend at least 10 hours on the road taking driving lessons before going for the test. You will also need more practice as you continue to manoeuvre through different driving conditions.

Sufficient amount of educational materials

The theoretical aspect of driving is equally as important as the practical part. Any quality driving school will provide you with sufficient material on current road regulations as well as any recent changes to driving rules that have been implemented.

The driving material should be well structured into different lessons that are closely tied with the practical aspects of driving. In addition, the pace at which the instructor moves should depend on your individual ability.

Wide range of competitive packages

It shouldn't cost a fortune for you to get high-quality driver training. In fact, any good driving school will design competitively priced driving packages that are tailored to fit the needs of each student.

You should be able to select any package option; including simple 1-3 lessons in preparation for the test, and 3-4 week comprehensive driving instruction package. Payment should also be quite flexible, with options ranging from a one-time payment to partial payments over time.

Focus on driving ability rather than testing ability

The most important role of driving schools is to equip you with the knowledge and ability to drive safely while on the road. The instructions from the school should, therefore, emphasise this long-term goal, rather than simply preparing students for the driving test.